Do you know UMCOR?

UMCOR stands for United Methodist Committee on Relief . When watching disaster unfold around the world many of us feel the call to help but are at a loss as to what we can actually do.  UMCOR Sunday is a day when we can all help.

UMCOR offers aid in Jesus’ name to those who suffer:

UMCOR is helping in Ukraine to donate click here:

  • When tornados ripped through Oklahoma, UMCOR was there.
  • When children in Zimbabwe lost parents to AIDS, UMCOR responded.
  • When a massive tsunami devastated lives in Japan, UMCOR helped.

And when the next crisis occurs, UMCOR will be there to help.

Sunday March 27 there will be a special collection to support their work. The donations made to UMCOR on this special Sunday cover their operating budget. This allows for 100% of the other donations received throughout the year to go directly to relief efforts.

If you want to learn more about UMCOR go to: