Calvary is hosting the Memorial to the Lost for Montgomery County until June 11. This impactful display of t- shirts, each with a name, age and their date of death, commemorates lives lost due to gun violence in Montgomery County.

The display was installed on May 26 and that same night a Community Safety forum on violence prevention was held at Calvary. To learn more about that go here: Community Safety Forum .

The purpose of the display is to bring public attention to the terrible toll of gun violence in our communities, asking each of us to stop , read, pray and act. Stop by Calvary, read the t-shirts, pray for their families and friends and take action by becoming involved.

The memorial will be dedicated on Sunday May 29 at 11:45 AM.


The Memorial to the Lost is an outreach of  Heeding God’s Call a faith based movement focused on preventing gun violence. To learn more about them or to become involved go here: Heeding God’s Call