Forteniters Club was formed in 1974 to serve mental health consumers who had been hospitalized at Norristown State Hospital. It was noted by staff and volunteers at the hospital that many former patients were alone and lacked opportunities to socialize. The club was organized to provide opportunities for socialization and met every other Thursday, thus the name ‘Forteniters’.

Currently the club meets every Thursday from 4 PM to about 7:30 PM and once a year Calvary hosts the dinner at the club’s meeting and shares a meal with the members
To learn more about Forteniters visit their web site: Forteniters

What We Do

  • Prepare, provide, bring and serve food for dinner
  • Socialize with the members during dinner
  • Help serve and clean up
  • Provide a monetary gift for club operating expenses

If you would like to volunteer for this ministry. Please contact the church or speak with Eileen or Mark any Sunday.