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Catherine Bowers

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Rev. Catherine Bowers served Calvary the first time as an Interim Pastor in 1998, and the congregation has welcomed her back  this year with enthusiasm.  She specializes in helping congregations move to a new phase of ministry and mission.  Her husband Thomas Brooks is also a Pastor and serves the Somerton and Redeemer churches in Philadelphia.
She is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in New York (1989) and the Columbia University School of Social Work.
A message from the Pastor:
Why I Am a Christian
    As a child my family was involved in congregations from a number of different traditions.  I think the most important thing I learned from all the services and Sunday School lessons was that God loved me.  This stayed with me and helped me through some difficult teenage years.  I always believed in God but wondered how to live in a way that was purposeful and not dominated by anxiety.
     I went to the University of Vermont and graduated with a degree in Philosophy.  I had many opportunities to hear from people who felt that religion was a waste of time, but none of those voices could take away from my own personal experience of God’s loving presence in my life.  Though I had been taught at church to be suspicious of academia, I value my college experience as a time to sort out who I was and what I believed.  Our God gives us good brains so we can use them.  My  God never asked me not to be honest with myself.
     After college, I was still not sure which direction to go.  I worked in the mental health field, doing direct care and then managing a group home in Philadelphia for residents of the State Hospital at Byberry who were released when the institution was shut down by a court order due to abuse.
     In time I became a member of a United Methodist Church and was inspired by the way United Methodists put their faith into action.  Having belonged to a number of different other kinds of churches, I felt that our basic beliefs are not very different, but how are we going to live them out?
     Feeling a call to serve God in some kind of full time way, I went to Union Theological Seminary and enrolled for a dual Master’s degree from Columbia in social work.   While there I understood that I was called to leadership as an ordained member of the clergy.
     Following Jesus means committing ourselves to a life of love, forgiveness, and service.  It is not easy, but it is wonderful. We can’t do it alone!  We need each other for the journey, as we rely on the Holy Spirit and grace of God.
    I heard a story many years ago that someone said to pastor, “I don’t go to church because of all the hypocrites there.”  The pastor said “There’s always room for one more.”
     The challenges of following Jesus are many, but if you want to hear more about it or give it a try, we welcome you to join us at Calvary.


Nathaniel Arnold

Music Director


Nathaniel has served as the Choir Director/Bell Choir Director/Organist for Calvary United Methodist Church in Ambler for the past 20 years. He studied Music Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Piano Major and a French Horn Minor from 1993-1997. He completed  his Masters of Music Education in 2006 from West Chester University and plans on continuing his education by working on a Doctorate in Musical Composition in the near future.
He  became the High School Choral Director for the Upper Dublin School District the fall of 2002 . He has served in this capacity since that time.  Nathaniel directs the five choral groups at the high school (Concert, Chamber, Men’s, Women’s, and V0X) and is also the vocal musical director for the theatre program.
He is in his fourth year as a co-director for the choral group on the American Music Abroad Bronze Tour under the leadership of Dr. James Capolupo, superintendent of the Springfield-Delaware County School District. He has directed in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Nathaniel is also a composer/arranger of choral and instrumental music.

Paula Johns

Administrative Assistant

Paula became Calvary’s Administrative Assistant in 2013. Paula came to Calvary with 10 years experience as an secretary and enjoys  working in a church environment.  “It helps to keep me close to Gods  work”.  Among the many gifts that God has given her, her true passion  is singing.  She comes from a very musical family.  She studied piano  at the age of  5 (the 3 B’s…Bach, Beethoven & Brahms)…her mother,  Mertine Johns was an opera singer and her father, a  church organist.  “I didn’t stick with the 3b’s, I discovered  jazz”…. music from the Great American Songbooks of George & Ira  Gershwin, Cole Porter, Berlin, and others, are in her repertoire.  She  also dabbles in quite a few other things like interior decorating, photography,  art…..”I’ll try anything“.  Oh, and I just LOVE humor and  laughter!